2016 Outstanding Women in manufacturing

Beginning in February, SVAM accepted nominations for the 2016 Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing Award. SVAM asked manufacturers from across the region to nominate one woman within their company they felt rises about the rest. This is the third year that SVAM has given this award.


The purpose of the award is to show the significant role that women play in manufacturing. This award highlights women, at all levels, who have demonstrated excellence in manufacturing. It encourages women who work in the manufacturing environment to continue to strive for excellence and also helps to showcase a different side of manufacturing, which can often be seen as a male-dominated field. Nominations were scored based on company impact, personal drive, adapting to change, teamwork, and leadership.



The Winner of the 2016 Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing Award is Vicky Kiser, Chief Financial Officer at Bristol Compressors.

Hollingsworth and Vose Company
Bristol Compressors
West River Conveyors and Machinery
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems