Vicky Wade

Mill Scheduler
Hollingsworth and Vose Company







Vicky has worked for 30 years in manufacturing, has faced many changes head-on, has great personal drive, exemplifies great leadership skills, and is a go-to employee for Hollingsworth and Vose.

Her nominator, Donnie Sutphin, said, “I have worked with Vicky for over 20 years in different capacities and she has proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and driven with an excellent work ethic. She works long hours to fulfill special requests from all departments in addition to her normal job duties. She never complains, shows great determination and resolve to help others, and completes jobs with efficiency and accuracy. She is very independent by also works well on teams and definitely strengthens any team she is a part of. Vicky’s dedication to her role at H&V, her commitments outside of work, and her ability to balance both make her an ideal candidate for this award.”