2014 Manufacturing Awards

More than one hundred business, government and community leaders from all across Southwest Virginia gathered at the General Francis Marion Hotel on Thursday, October 9, 2014, to celebrate manufacturing and its contributions to the economy in the region. At its annual Manufacturer’s Appreciation Dinner, the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM) reviewed its successful year of promotion of manufacturing as a career, support of manufacturers across the region, and renewed its commitment to continued growth in this all-important sector of Southwest Virginia’s economy. Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kaine sent remarks to the attendees at the Manufacturer’s Appreciation Dinner showing their support for Manufacturing and SVAM. The keynote speaker for the evening was Bill Donohue, Interim Executive Director of Genedge Alliance. The topic of the Keynote address was “Accelerating Exports,” during which Donohue spoke of opportunities avail-able for growth and advancement for manufacturing companies through exporting. SVAM also gave out several awards, highlighted below. SVAM would like to thank its sponsors for the event: Virginia Economic Development Partnership, International Trade; Southwest Virginia Workforce Investment Board; Genedge Alliance; New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Area; and the General Francis Marion Hotel.


SVAM Trail Blazer of the Year Award presented to Aleta Spicer

This award is given to an individual or organization that has gone above and beyond to take one element of SVAM’s goals and help to develop it. Aleta did that and more by serving as the engine behind SVAM’s proposal for a Center of Excellence.

Environmental Stewardship Award presented to Bristol Compressors

This award recognizes environmental stewardship by a manufacturer. This helps to change some of the negative images that tend to be associated with manufacturing. Bristol Compressors was chosen based on their program that included all relevant stakeholders with a focus on long-term and sustained impact.

Innovative Environmental Product Award presented to Scholle Packaging

Scholle positioned itself as an advocate for environmental responsibility by getting innovative about reducing their carbon footprint. Scholle’s packaging and equipment divisions were the first to create a product that would keep residual oil from being wasted and landfilled by oil plants.

Innovations in Manufacturing Award presented to Scholle Packaging

Innovations play a huge role in the growing success of manufacturing. Scholle took the initiative to see a need in their industry and create a product that fulfilled that need in a new and creative way.