2020 Manufacturing Awards

Each year, in celebration of National Manufacturing Month (October) SVAM seeks to highlight the significant accomplishments of our region’s manufacturing companies. The main way we do this is by presenting manufacturers with awards to showcase their achievements.

SVAM’s annual Manufacturers’ Awards Banquet looked a little different in 2020. Rather than gathering to celebrate the amazing manufacturers in our area, we took everything online. SVAM presented winners with their awards and the winners gave a presentation about their companies via Zoom. Five manufacturers across Southwest Virginia were recognized for their achievements.


Environmental Excellence Award Presented to Hapco Concord American Flagpole in Abingdon, VA

Hapco Concord American Flagpole with the help from Appalachian Environmental Resources Inc., CHA Consulting Inc., and Washington County Service Authority has been successfully treating their wastewater since 2015 by implementing an onsite wastewater treatment system. Hapco operates an onsite wastewater treatment system that provides treatment of nearly 20,000 gallons of wastewater per month by removing suspended solids and high metals concentration from process wastewater generated from an etching process, air scrubber, and a water jet cutting process.

For Hapco to continue to provide a place of work for approximately 250 employees who live in Southwest Virginia it is extremely important that they have systems in place to be able to continue uninterrupted operations and deliver quality products for our customers. While providing quality products, Hapco always looks at ways to provide and maintain a world class, vibrant environmental compliance program. Besides the opportunity for many well-paying jobs in the region and the cost savings this program offered their plant is committed to keep our environment safe for all people in Southwest Virginia.

View Hapco Concord American Flagpole’s Award Presentation here.


Innovations in Manufacturing Award Presented to Wolf Hills Fabricators of Abingdon, VA

Over a 60-day period Wolf Hills Fabricators manufactured two, custom-designed hand-tunneling excavation shields for two different tunneling projects in the South East US. From approved design concept and signed purchase release, the shield was manufactured, tested and delivered to the customer in 45 days. The unit was assembled and commissioned on the jobsite in four days, and achieved an average advance rate of 5.4 linear feet per day. The second shield was delivered during the same period to Thalle Construction Company in Greenville, SC. Both shields were designed by WHF’s long-time partners – Kelley Engineered Equipment, LLC of Omaha, NE, and Chicago Metal Rolled Products, Inc. and AFP Industries of Richmond, VA were critical suppliers in driving the accelerated delivery times requested by both end customers.

Heavy fabricators with a knowledge of the ergonomics and unique demands of manual tunneling operations in confined, small-diameter tunnels are few are far between. This and Wolf Hills Fabricators, LLC’s ability to perform safe and reliable hydra-mechanical development and assembly work during the construction of the fabricated structures, and a comfort-level working with large, complex, one-off designs in extremely short lead times, placed them in a position of considerable advantage for these two projects.


Excellence in Safety Award Presented to Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company of Glade Spring, VA

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company has decreased DART rates by decreasing the number of injuries for 6 consecutive years. The Glade Spring team has over 500 team members that are putting safety first every day while building quality trailers. Last year Utility Trailer’s DART rate was 1.28, which is a third of the industry rate, and most importantly, each year their DART rate improves as they continue to improve on safety by making it their number one priority.

It takes every team member at Utility Trailer to produce the quality trailers they build. In order to build those trailers safely, each team member has to have the proper training. Safety training starts the very first day they join the team and is continued every week. At Utility Trailers Glade Spring, they want everyone to know how to be safe on the shop floor therefore they train EVERYONE, vendors, visitors, even members of our corporate team. They have a saying “See Something Say Something” and that is exactly what each team member does every day while building the quality trailers that you see every day on the road.

The Glade Spring team has a commitment to safety. They all work together with safety being their number one priority and number one on their daily agendas.

View Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company’s Award Presentation here.


Manufacturer of the Year Award Presented to West River Conveyors and Machinery of Oakwood, VA

West River Conveyors and Machinery is currently in the midst of a major building and equipment expansion. In light of changes to the underground coal mining industry over the past 10 years, West River has made large efforts to innovate and expand outside of the U.S. coal market, while also continuing to serve their coal customers. The company has expanded their customer base to include customers outside of the U.S. coal market. That customer base is now 40% of their total business.

Co-Owners Joe Street and JB Roulett believe in giving back to the community where West River is located and the community where both were born and raised. When West River’s name is mentioned in Buchanan County, organizations community-wide think “generous”. Banners at football fields and advertisements in high school calendars and yearbooks show West River’s support of the quality of life for citizens, especially children who are the future of the community. West River’s generosity light shines bright because only a very small portion of their business is in Buchanan County so the numerous donations are not self-serving but rather supportive of the activities and events in the community.

West River Conveyors and Machinery believes that the foundation of a successful business starts with the employees. Therefore, providing a challenging, supportive and engaging work environment is a top priority. West River has encouraged teamwork and a positive work atmosphere this year by implementing quarterly communications meetings and bi-annual employee surveys. The communications meeting gives management an opportunity to provide employees with the current status of the business, upcoming projects, financial data as well as ask for feedback and ideas from employees.

WRC is deserving of this award, especially this year, because despite current market conditions and circumstances surrounding COVID19, they are driving on with ambitious hopes for the future. Instead of pulling back on forward progress, the progress has continued. Finally, West River continues to be a company that puts its employees and families first by providing a good work environment, wage and livelihood in a community where many have felt negatively impacted.

View West River Conveyor’s Award Presentation here.


Community Choice Award Presented to Tempur Sealy of Duffield, VA

According to Chad Hood, who nominated Tempur Sealy for this award, “Tempur Sealy is an asset not only to Duffield, Scott County, and Southwest VA, but the entire state of Virginia. They have a state of the art facility that manufacture some of the best bedding and pillows in the marketplace. They are active within their community, county and region. They hire and train their employees to have a career, not just a job and fairly compensate their employees with pay and benefits. We need more employers like Tempur in Southwest Virginia.”



*All information taken from submission forms.