Tammy Ayers

Extrusion Production Operator
Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials







Tammy has continuously been an excellent example of an engaged and conscientious team member – always striving to perform her job to the best of her abilities. She is passionate about improvement and has served on many committees and improvement teams, providing valuable input and insight. She is always available and provides assistance to her team members when needed. She has a high standard for work performance, which impacts the rest of her team. Traditionally front line jobs in manufacturing are stereotyped as jobs for males. Tammy breaks this stereotype. She is responsible for the safe and quality manufacturing of products over 10 extrusion lines. This requires a great degree of organization, time management skills, decision making skills and problem solving skills.

Her nominator, Alan Freeman, said, “She is one of the best team members we have. She is a model example of how women can achieve outstanding performance in a manufacturing environment.”