Patti Needham

Staff Accountant
Duffield, VA


“I am Blessed to have been named as a 2022 honoree of the SVAM Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing. Women are very active in the manufacturing industry, with increasing numbers and levels of expertise. I would like to thank the management at Komatsu in Duffield for this nomination. There is no greater feeling than knowing that hard work is appreciated.” – Patti Needham

Patti is one hundred percent committed to her stakeholders and goes above and beyond to ensure that she continues to add value to the organization. She spent several years in the mining industry before coming to Joy/Komatsu and has utilized that knowledge to enhance her functionality in Finance.

Patti is a proponent of teamwork and that is one of the first things she will stress to new employees. She works well with anyone and always looks out for those who need extra assistance.

Patti’s nominator, Pam Seals, summed up why Patti is an outstanding woman in manufacturing by saying, “Patti Needham exemplifies being an Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing because she is genuine, she is consistent, she is determined, and she is not one to give up on anything or anyone. She is a proponent of continuous improvement and is always intent on finding new and improved methods for achieving excellence in her functionality. She sets the bar for others to work at her level of professionalism and addition of value to the organization.”


*All information taken from submission nomination form.