Kassie Blevins

HR Generalist
Bristol, VA

“I’m very grateful to have been nominated as one of SVAM’s Outstanding Women in Manufacturing. It’s an honor getting to work with numerous outstanding women who have chosen careers in manufacturing. Furthermore, I’m thankful for my team and coworkers at Shearer’s, since starting my career with this organization over 4 years ago I’ve had countless opportunities to learn from some amazing women. Thank you for this wonderful nomination and thank you SVAM for all that you do in the Southwest Virginia community!” – Kassie Blevins

Kassie was nominated by Martha Smith, HR Manager at Shearer’s. Martha had the following to say about Kassie:

In her relatively short time in HR and manufacturing, Kassie has demonstrated a deep understanding of the vital role of women in manufacturing. Her genuine concern for employees, coupled with her dedication to their well-being and professional development, distinguishes her as a valuable asset to the manufacturing industry. Kassie’s calm demeanor and attentive listening skills prove invaluable, particularly in the fast-paced environment of HR, where she adeptly navigates employee concerns and seeks effective solutions. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and willingness to go above and beyond, whether through training new employees or assisting in various locations, highlights her commitment to enhancing departmental efficiencies. Kassie’s positive impact on operations and her inspiring leadership make her contributions highly valued and appreciated by all team members.


*All information taken from submission nomination form.