Jessica Vanover

VP People, Human Resources
West River Conveyors
Oakwood, VA

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the recognition as an Honorary Outstanding Woman in Manufacturing by West River Conveyors and SVAM. This acknowledgment is a reflection of the collaborative efforts of our exceptional team. Every day, I’m inspired by the dedication and knowledge that surrounds me, and I look forward to our ongoing journey of continuous improvement. In an industry primarily dominated by men, we must champion the advancement of women, fostering a culture of equal opportunity and embracing the diversity of perspectives. Together, through our collective efforts, we can achieve greatness as a team.” – Jessica Vanover

Jessica’s unwavering dedication and commitment to improvement shine through in her role at West River Conveyors. As a team player and effective communicator, she actively shares information and works tirelessly to enhance processes and support her colleagues.

Not one to shy away from voicing her opinions, Jessica demonstrates courage and integrity, always prioritizing the best interests of the team and the organization. Her willingness to take responsibility, acknowledge mistakes, and give credit where it’s due showcases her honesty and humility. Jessica’s relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement underscores her strength as a leader and exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding woman in manufacturing.

*All information taken from submission nomination form.