Jennifer Scott

Site Controller
Wytheville, VA


Jennifer was nominated by Chris Turner, Multi-Site Director at Amcor. Chris had the following to say about Jennifer:

Jennifer’s leadership is both strategic and execution focused. Since joining Amcor, she has elevated our Accounting function into a driver of profitability. Her ‘get it done’ attitude drives her peers to look at metrics and financials as measures of improvement and sustainable business results. The plant staff has improved financial acumen by creating leading indicators of operations. These are only possible through her hands-on learning of the processes of our high volume, highly automated factory.

Jennifer embodies the Amcor value of collaboration. She teaches through questions and conversation and provides guidance and support at all levels of our organization. Her ability to change altitude is exhibited daily in interactions with our production personnel and senior directors of finance for our multi-billion dollar business. Her work in Wytheville has established the standard for processes in our north American operations while working side by side at community events with our team members.

Jennifer’s story is an inspiration to all, especially women in our manufacturing industries. Her employment history encouraged her to seek an accounting education while working full time, balancing the needs of a family.

Jennifer has been instrumental in encouraging and mentoring other women within our Wytheville operation and has extended that influence joining a Women’s Leadership group based at our corporate office in Michigan.

Jennifer’s career has been one of progressive growth in responsibility without losing humility and encouragement for those around her. The most impressive part of Jennifer’s story is her resilient hunger to work, learn, and earn respect and influence within the organization. As a controller, position title and power can exert influence and action. Jennifer’s approach takes the “hard way” choosing instead to earn trust through empathy, understanding, and genuine connection with all levels in our organization.


*All information taken from submission nomination form.