Jae Graham

HR / Accounting Manager
Atsumi Car Equipment
Wytheville, VA

Jae was nominated by Brien Owens, Engineering / Maintenance Manager at Atsumi Car Equipment. Brien had the following to say about Jae:

Jae’s impact on our business is profound, as she seamlessly juggles responsibilities spanning HR, accounting, production, and project management. She serves as a crucial point of contact for employees, providing support and guidance on various issues, including navigating through the complexities of Covid regulations. Moreover, Jae spearheads company events aimed at boosting morale and actively listens to employee feedback, championing initiatives to improve wages and benefits in line with industry standards.

Beyond her designated roles, Jae’s willingness to immerse herself in all aspects of the business sets a remarkable example of commitment and dedication. She tackles tasks outside her job description without complaint, demonstrating an exceptional work ethic that inspires others to engage fully in addressing challenges and driving success. Jae’s multifaceted contributions epitomize the level of dedication required to steer a company towards excellence.


*All information taken from submission nomination form.