Jackie Estep

Sales and Marketing Manager
Paul’s Fan Company







In her 5 years with Paul’s Fan Company, Jackie has made many positive impacts, handling several projects to add new business opportunities and market the company. She is said to be an awesome multitasker, handling several projects at a time. She has worked closely with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to pave the way for Paul’s Fan Company to have new business opportunities abroad. Jackie has overseen the complete update to the company website and creates all company brochures. She works diligently to plan and operate trade shows and currently handles corporate insurance. She is eager to help while being patient and kind and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Her nominator, Todd Elswick, said, “Jackie is an outstanding woman in manufacturing simply due to her hard work and determination. She is fearless when it comes to taking on new projects and opportunities. Being a mother to two boys, she has strong personal values and does an excellent job balancing her home and work life. She stands strong working in a male dominated company. She is not afraid to speak her opinion regardless of the audience. She stays focused on growing our business and shaping it to excel in an ever-changing world. She is an inspiration to other women in manufacturing as an example that we have what it takes to not only work but to thrive in manufacturing.”