Excellence in Safety – VFP Inc.

Duffield, VA


VFP Industries collaborates with customers to create custom solutions for safeguarding critical components, with a modern factory in Duffield, VA that handles shelter construction, assembly, and system integration, incorporating concrete and metal panels and integrating customer-specified features and equipment.


VFP, Inc. has been honored with this award by SVAM, recognizing the organization’s exceptional dedication to employee safety and their outstanding safety programs.


Since 2012, VFP, Inc. has undergone substantial growth, expanding its workforce by an impressive 80% and now employing nearly 400 individuals. The company’s unwavering commitment to safety for both employees and customers has led to the implementation of a range of safety enhancements. These include significant improvements in fall protection, respiratory programs, and forklift training, fostering a culture of conscientious safety practices actively embraced by employees.


Acknowledging the need for improvements in their safety programs, VFP, Inc. embarked on a comprehensive overhaul. From 2017 to 2019, safety metrics fell below expectations, prompting the company to revamp its department leadership and invest in advanced personal protective equipment (PPE). The outcome has been a remarkable 200% improvement in safety metrics from 2020 to 2022, accompanied by an impressive achievement of 786 consecutive days without a missed time incident, setting a new industry safety standard.


Importantly, VFP, Inc. recognizes that safety is a collaborative effort involving employees at all levels. The company actively seeks employee input to refine safety practices, and management collaborates closely with safety departments to ensure robust risk assessments and effective controls. Their dedication to continuous safety improvements is evident through infrastructure upgrades, enhancements in safety equipment, and a strong emphasis on employee engagement in safety practices.


“Winning the award for Safety Excellence is a very special recognition. This achievement helps our organization show our safety culture is moving forward now and in the future. Safety is a critical facet at VFP. With all of the dynamic tasks in the various departments of production, safety must be implemented and followed for operational success and employee peace of mind. SVAM is great organization that unites manufacturing organizations all working towards operational and safety refinement. Offering the opportunity to train, meet collectively, and recognize distinctions make SVAM something special.”William Regert, EH&S Manager VFP


*All information taken from submission nomination form.