Dress For Success

SVAM has recently been working with schools in Washington, Smyth, Russell and Buchanan counties to provide selected students with an opportunity to shop for and purchase clothing that they could wear to school, interviews and on the job after graduation. This project, called Dress for Success, has allowed SVAM and member companies to connect with students around the region in a meaningful way.

Following the student shopping trips, led by school faculty and staff, SVAM organized tours of manufacturing facilities for students to witness what manufacturing looks like today. Russell County students toured Steel Fab in Lebanon. Washington and Smyth Counties both toured Utility Trailer. Afterwards, Washington County students headed to Universal Fibers in Bristol and Smyth County students went to Scholle IPN in Chilhowie, where they were given the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facilities and ask questions about manufacturing and the available careers in the industry.  Washington and Smyth County students also enjoyed lunch provided by Universal Fibers and Scholle IPN respectively. Students from Buchanan County toured West River Conveyors in Oakwood.

SVAM would like to thank faculty and staff from Russell, Smyth, Washington and Buchanan Career and Technical Schools for their participation in this program. A big thanks also goes out to Steel Fab, Universal Fibers, Utility Trailer, Scholle IPN and West River Conveyors for opening their doors to students.  Through programs like Dress for Success, we are working towards the SVAM goal of changing the perception of manufacturing among young people, their parents and their educators.