Carrie Bowers

Process Engineering Manager
Bristol, VA

Carrie was nominated by Tekai Shu, Community Relations Manager at Strongwell. Tekai had the following to say about Carrie:

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Carrie’s impressive journey from her automotive industry background to her current role as a Quality Technician Level III at Strongwell. Her expertise in LEAN Six Sigma, Kaizen, and problem-solving methodologies has significantly enhanced our manufacturing processes. Carrie’s commitment to efficiency and cost savings has resulted in substantial annual savings, all achieved without reducing headcount.

Beyond her technical prowess, Carrie’s leadership is distinguished by her empathy and respect for production employees. She actively engages with them, addressing production issues and prioritizing their safety. Carrie’s recent project to improve ergonomic designs showcases her dedication to employee well-being. Moreover, her passion for elevating the voices of production team members led to the recreation of our employee engagement team and recognition program.

Carrie’s roots in Southwest Virginia and her commitment to its community are evident in her career choices and investments. Despite her initial career path in electrical engineering, her impact in production planning and leadership at Strongwell is undeniable. Her recent promotion to Process Engineering Manager further highlights her exemplary leadership and dedication to fostering inclusivity within manufacturing. Carrie’s continuous pursuit of knowledge and her dedication to her roles as a mother, friend, and leader exemplify her as a true asset to our organization and the manufacturing community as a whole.