Carolyn Caudill

Quality Technician III
Chilhowie, VA

Carolyn was nominated by Melinda Roberts, HR Manager at SIG. Melinda had the following to say about Carolyn:

As the HR Manager, I’ve witnessed Carolyn’s impressive journey from production to her current role as Quality Technician Level III. Her expertise in bag making and equipment knowledge have significantly impacted our product quality, and she consistently goes above and beyond to train new employees and support team efforts. Alongside her exceptional work ethic, Carolyn’s positive attitude and willingness to help others make her a valued colleague and a standout example of success in manufacturing.

Having worked with Carolyn for 26 years, our HR Administrator, Trixy Surber, attests to her dedication and unwavering commitment. Carolyn’s ability to tackle challenges, such as mastering new business acquisitions and implementing quality standards, sets her apart as an exemplary leader. Her willingness to travel internationally to ensure seamless integration of quality standards underscores her dedication to excellence. In short, Carolyn’s contributions, both professionally and personally, make her an invaluable asset to our team and exemplify the essence of an outstanding woman in manufacturing.

*All information taken from submission nomination form.