Betty DeBusk

Madame President
Appalachian Plastics







As owner and operator of Appalachian Plastics, Betty has been a daily part of the success of the company since it was founded in 1968. She worked with her husband to grow the business from a garage start-up to the 10-acre facility it is today. She became President in the 1990’s and although she retired from day to day activities, at 89 years old she is still an active part of the board of directors, still maintains ownership, and still holds the title of Madame President. She takes a vested interest and concern for her employees, getting to know them and ensuring the company provides a great benefits package.

Her nominator, Kelly DeBusk said, “Betty paved the way for other women in manufacturing by being a strong leader at a time when it was not the norm for women to be leaders in manufacturing. Because of Betty’s leadership, I grew up believing women could be successful in any environment. She instilled confidence, leadership, and a hard work ethic in me.”