2021 Manufacturing Related Scholarships Awarded

Each year SVAM awards scholarships to deserving high school seniors who wish to pursue a post-secondary education in a manufacturing related field. SVAM awards these scholarships in pursuit of its goal to promote manufacturing and its careers. The purpose of the scholarship is to raise awareness about manufacturing careers and retain the talented worker pool we have in Southwest Virginia. Of those who applied, 8 students exemplified a desire to pursue a manufacturing career in Southwest Virginia and will be receiving this year’s scholarship to help them in pursuit of careers such as welding and engineering. SVAM would like to thank the Scholarship Committee, made up of manufacturing members, for taking the time to interview the students and help choose the most qualified candidates.

“I was first introduced to the SVAM Manufacturing Career Scholarship through my technology instructor, Dr. Aaron Hurd. During this time, I was enrolled in Engineering and Manufacturing I at Virginia High School to further explore my interests in the field. My father had worked for over 20 years in Southwest Virginia as an industrial maintenance technician, so I held a massive passion for local manufacturing. I knew that I wanted to use my technological interests to benefit our area, so I applied to the SVAM Manufacturing Career Scholarship to help with this goal. Ultimately, receiving this scholarship means an indescribable amount. I find it extremely encouraging and empowering that I have the ability to use my talents and interests, with the support of the SVAM Scholarship, to turn my dream of technology-based community aid for Southwest Virginia into a reality.” – Eric McCracken, 2021 Scholarship Recipient