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Manufacturing, the largest industry in Southwest Virginia, is an innovative industry which provides many opportunities for people in Southwest Virginia to work a well-paying job while creating products to be used both locally and globally. Southwest Virginia is home to a wide variety of manufacturing companies, some with locations all over the world. Because of its manufacturing base, Southwest Virginia is filled with opportunities and connected to the entire globe.

Opportunities in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is thriving in Southwest Virginia. Career opportunities are available for people with all levels of education from high school diploma all the way up through advanced degrees. This video also discusses the pay and benefits of a manufacturing career!

SVAM talked with a group of millennials about their manufacturing careers. We discussed how manufacturing has positively impacted their lives, giving them the time, means, and job security to pursue their hobbies and enjoy life. Meet the newest generation of manufacturing professionals!

Manufacture Your Career events are panel discussions with manufacturing professionals hosted by local colleges. These professional give insight into what manufacturing looks like today, the many career opportunities available, and all the benefits of work in manufacturing!

Appalachian Plastics in Glade Spring welcomes us into their facility with this tour. In addition to the tour, employees give their perspective on manufacturing and what they love about their jobs!

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